40 Years Ago

Sheila Van Eaton

      The body of Sheila Van Eaton, 28, of Salem, OR, was discovered this week at 8:40 a.m. in about seven feet of water near where she disappeared the day before.

      Van Eaton was swimming across the Clearwater River, near the Riverside Mill, at Tunnel Beach.

      Her three companions reported that she appeared to get in trouble, and one went to assist her. She then seemed to be doing all right when she disappeared in the deep water of the eddy.

      The body was discovered by divers Mick Pollock and Bob Carlock.

      This is from an article of past events featured in The Clearwater Tribune and was from September 1973. mlb

Clearwater Tribune , September 12, 2013

Transcribed by Michal Berreth Beck

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