Lewiston Morning Tribune - June 7, 1931

Boy Is Victim Of Still Explosion

      Lee Snyder, 13, Dies of Burns Received May 30

     Orofino, June 6 - Lee Snyder, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Snyder, living on Ford's creek 10 miles east of Orofino, died at 7:15 o'clock tonight from burns received in a still explosion on May 30. The youth was tending a shack near the Snyder home in which intoxicating liquor was in process of being manufactured and while asleep the still exploded and the mash covered the boy's body.

     An older brother rescued Lee from the steam-filed room, pulling him out by the feet. When the victim's clothing was removed skin covering about three-fourths of the body came off.

     Besides his parents he is survived by several brothers and sisters. Funeral services will be held from Shaw's chapel Monday afternoon.

Lewiston Morning Tribune - June 3, 1931

Youth Drenched By Sizzling-Hot Spray

     Ford's Creek Boy, Asleep, Caught In Explosion of Water Tank - Doubt If He Will Recover.

     Orofino, June 1 - Lee Snyder, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Snyder, living on Ford's Creek 10 miles east of Orofino, was brought here last night to be treated for burns received when a hot water tank exploded in a shack he was sleeping in near his home.

     According to his older brother, the youth was sleeping in a chair with his clothes on when the tank exploded. The older brother hearing the explosion went to the shack and found Lee prostrate on the floor. The room was filled with steam, the brother said, but he rushed in and grabbed Lee by the feet and pulled him to the outside, then taking him to Orofino.

     The attending physician said the boy had little chance of recovery. His body is burned all over and when his clothes were removed large patches of skin came with them.

Transcribed by Jo Frederiksen

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