T. L Harris Run Over by Truck

      T. L. Harris, aged 65, who has been a resident of the Clearwater country for 17 years, died at the Shoemaker hospital last Friday evening, August 27, at 5 o'clock, death resulting from abdominal injuries received when a lumber truck passed over his body.
      Mr. Harris started up Orofino Creek Friday morning with his gun and dog and when near the home of C. E. Mooers, was overtaken by the lumber truck and was invited to ride by the driver. Mr. Harris accepted and while the truck was under way he stooped over to pick up the dog and fell off, the rear wheel of truck passing over his body.
      Dr. Horsewill was called and had the injured man moved to the A. M. Shoemaker hospital where death occured that evening.
      Mr. Harris was born in North Carolina in October, 1855 and was a resident of Missouri and Kansas for a number of years before coming to this section of the country 17 years ago. He homesteaded in the Grangemont country, which has been his home since his arrival here.
      The funeral services were held Sunday at the grave, being conducted by J. S. Hogue, an old-time friend of the deceased. Burial took place in the Grangemont Cemetery.
      Mr. Harris is survived by three daughters and one son. Mrs. L. A. Johnson of Peck, Mrs. Dodd of Othello Wash., and a daughter in Wyoming, and Will Harris of Orofino.
      Mrs. Harris, the wife of the deceased, died about twelve yars ago and two daughters and one son died a number of years ago.

Clearwater Tribune , September 2, 1920

Transcribed by Michal Berreth Beck, 2014

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