Mrs. Boehl Killed

      Receives Fatal Injuries in Head-on Crash Near Kalama; M. B. Nelson and Wife Hurt

      Tragedy and disaster rode the highway in Cowlitz and Wahkiakum counties over the Independence day weekend, automobile accidents claiming one life, injuring at least a dozen others and causing inestimable property damage.
      Mrs. L. C. Boehl, 51, of 3103 Oak street, Longview, was fatally injured early Saturday when the car in which she was riding with her husband and five other persons collided head-on with a second car operated by G. H. Van Tuyl of Portland on the Pacific highway two miles south of Kalama.
      Mrs. Boehl suffered a fractured skull and died at Longview Memorial hospital at 4 p.m., eight hours after the crash.
      Five of the other eight persons involved in the crash were still confined at the hospital today. They were the dead woman’s husband, L. C. Boehl, 66; William Plunkett, 56, and Mrs. Plunkett, 43, of 1242 Ninth avenue, Longview; Mrs. Hans Mueggler, 33, 3070 Oak street, and her son, Hans, age 9. Billy Mueggler, age 4, was allowed to go home.
      Boehl, driver of the sedan containing the seven persons, suffered laceration about the head and face, a crushed chest and broken ribs; Mr. and Mrs. Plunkett sustained face cuts and bruises and Mrs. Mueggler sustained sever face lacerations and a left shoulder wrench. The Mueggler boys suffered minor cuts about the face. None of the quintet was in a critical condition, although Boehl’s injuries are serious. He is expected to recover.
      Van Tuyl suffered only a cut right hand and gashed cheek, but his wife sustained several cuts on the head and a semi-paralyzed jaw. She was removed to a Portland hospital last night. Van Tuyl required only first aid.
      The accident occurred when Van Tuyl, driving north, pulled out of a line of traffic at the top of a hill and crashed head-on into the Boehl car.
      Van Tuyl said he was unable to get back into the line again because a motorist ahead speeded up and closed the opening. Boehl’s machine, a Dodge sedan, was almost completely demolished while the Portland couple’s car was only partially damaged.
      Members of the Plunkett family are asking the return of a pair of glasses picked up by some motorist at the scene of the accident. They belong to Mrs. Plunkett, and according to the doctors in attendance, lack of the spectacles is retarding her recovery. They may be left at the hospital.

Longview Daily News - Longview Washington , Longview Daily News - Longview Washington

Transcribed by Jo Frederiksen, 2014

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